• Intelligent algorithms, specifically engineered for futures and fixed income markets
  • Not copy-pasted from equities
  • No proprietary trading
  • No conflict of interest

Balance passive and aggressive fills

  • Benchmarked to arrival price
  • Aims to beat the hit or lift price
  • Designed to capture short-term alpha
  • Uses short-term pricing signals
  • Responds to price and liquidity opportunities
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Collect spread with dynamic frequency

  • Benchmarked to volume or time weighted average price
  • Uses instrument specific volume and volatility forecasts
  • Dynamically gets ahead or behind based on opportunities
  • Adapts to intra-day scheduled events
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Multi-leg spread trading

  • User defined inter/intra-exchange relative value trades
  • Supports any number of legs and custom size ratios
  • Aims to beat user specified target price
  • Short-term signals adjust risk tick-by-tick across all legs
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Trade optimally into the close

  • Benchmarked to the settlement price¬†(cash close for equity indices)
  • Aims to trade over an optimal time frame while targeting the benchmark
  • Uses 1 minute bin volume and volatility forecast curves
  • Curves seasonally adjust to month end and expiration spikes
  • Simple to use – no parameters need to be set
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Effectively trade calendar spreads

  • Aims to beat user-defined price/level
  • Supports 1:1 and duration-neutral ratios
  • Access outright and/or spread order books
  • Features include anti-cross and/or SLED pricing
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Market Coverage

Futures Exchanges
  • CBOT
  • CME
  • CFE
  • ICE US
Government Bonds


QB algorithms are available via these leading EMS / OMS providers

QB is integrated with 18 major clearing firms

Transaction Cost Analytics (TCA)

  • Full transparency on execution performance and detail on every child order
  • Graphical TCA plots to visually show how our algorithms interacted with the market and executed your order
  • Reports that aggregate trade statistics over periods of time, summarizing slippage to benchmarks
  • Access to your own trade information and TCAs via our secure website